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Internet advertising started back in the late 1990's and early 2000's with banner and pop-up ads.Online advertising has experienced exponential growth outpacing that seen by the broadcast industry in the last six years.
The expansion of on-line advertising provides a means to create financial streams of income from the Internet based on commerce sales. Created from methodologies previously used in print and other media advertising such as radio and television, companies are able to gain exposure across equivalent or greater audiences through Internet audiences for less up-front expenditure. This reduction in cost, while hurting traditional media giants, creates an environment where businesses can also earn money through providing arenas to display context-based advertising to incur revenue when viewers view ads and purchase goods from their websites.
Online advertising's primary purpose is to promote products in the medium of the web to deliver marketing messages for customers. The ultimate goal is to make sales of merchandise or encourage the consumer to register for a service being offered by the advertiser. Theories of marketing, branding, and advertising remain basically unchanged; just that the act of advertising is occurring on the Internet
The services provided by pentark

We provide Search engine optimization.
We advertise, and promote your business and products
We Conduct online campaigns
We provide customer databases
Our services are expanding every day by introducing innovative techniques and it's effective implementation. We can assure Pentark.com as your best partner in marketing solution.